Vacation? More like Vac-ire-tion!

Things have been pretty quiet here lately because things in meatspace have been thoroughly busy. I’ve been collecting articles that have invoked my ire over the past couple weeks, and I’d been planning to use them as the foundation for an angry rant, but something tells me that I won’t run out of material any time soon. So without further ado, here’s a list of things that are highly likely to piss off anyone who experiences feelings. Perhaps you’ll notice a common theme?

Pakistan: Wife in disputed marriage gunned down in court by her brother

Mother Faces Death By Stoning In Sudan

Pak policeman kills sister for wearing jeans

The Freedom of the Hijab

Group wants to strip away all public expressions of faith

Man accused of killing sister while on bail

Pregnant Dominican girl dies as abortion ban delays leukemia treatment

I figure I’ll be back to more frequent updates in about a week.


Posting Frequency

I think this is a good writing exercise, so I plan to write something every day, but it’s possible (probable) that I’ll take tonight off. I have a good excuse, I promise. This interview is on my list of things to listen to, so if you’re sad about missing out on my thoughts today, you can rest assured knowing that I’ll be thinking about this soon. In a way, you’re actually getting advance insight into my mind if you listen to that before I do…