Blog Update: Now Entering Year Two

This blog had its first anniversary last week, but I didn’t see any reason to commemorate the occasion. I haven’t updated it in quite some time, and it’s been even longer since I kept to any sort of regular posting schedule. I’ve been busy with other things that take up most of my time and energy, so I don’t currently have any plans to resume a regular schedule. That could change in the future, but even if you don’t see any updates here, I’ll still be around.

If I do start writing here again, my approach will be different. This is a largely meta issue. Over the last year, I’ve had plenty of occasions for critical self-examination. When I reread many of my old posts, I often find myself wanting to facepalm at how I went about making my points. While my main ideas may have been fine, how I expressed them belies the uncomfortable presence of erroneous (even prejudicial) preconceptions. Ableism, for example, was a thing that I hadn’t ever thought about, and it shows.

It might be interesting to revisit some of my old posts at some point to address the problems I was previously ignorant of, but until that happens, let this blog stand as a testament to the progress a person can make in a year, provided they don’t try to hide behind a screen of motivated reasoning.

Happy late birthday, Subjunctive Morality.


2 responses to “Blog Update: Now Entering Year Two

  1. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a blog entry from you in such a long time! Glad to see you haven’t decided to give up.

    Your experience over the last year sounds like it might be similar to my own. When A+ first happened, I thought I’d be able to jump right in and participate with my writing. But the more I listened to the voices of the marginalized, the more obvious the extent of my own ignorance became. So my participation at this point consists not of producing original writing, but of listening, of amplifying marginalized voices, and of pointing to resources the owners of such voices might find valuable.

  2. Yeah, that’s definitely a big part of it. A+ has given me a good sense of my own position on the Dunning-Kruger scale of understanding marginalization and (at least I’d like to think) noticeably moved me forward on it. I’m pretty sure I’d do a much better job now if only I could find a few more hours each day.

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