Another “Guys, Don’t Do That.”

I’ve been meaning to write more, but other things (community things) have been receiving a good deal of my time. One of said things is an issue I care deeply about: not being an asshole. The following article is not only a comprehensive analysis of “why we can’t have nice things,” but it also contains a comprehensive list of further readings. Highly recommended reading for anyone you know who’s trying to understand (or just needs to understand!) a bit more about gender relations.

Dissent of a Woman

A Guide for Men with Good Intentions

As the title indicates, this is not a post for men who don’t care whether their sexual advances frighten women. This is not a post for men who think that a woman can ever do anything to deserve being raped. This is not a post for men who just have a serious problem with women in general because their big sister never shared the Nintendo controller or whatever. This is a post for the men who really do respect women and either are being confused with the assholes or are simply afraid they might be.

This is for men with good intentions. I am creating this in the hopes that it will be linkable to men in multiple situations whose good intentions may not always be coming across. Given that, if you have been linked this, it is not necessarily because someone thought…

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