Whoa, this page looks different!

Rest assured that you’re in the right place! I wasn’t really happy with my old theme. I’m not 100% in love with this one either, but I think I like it more. I’ll keep trying to tweak it to see if I can make it super awesome. If not, I may change it up again in the near future. Bear with me.

3 responses to “Themes

  1. Just so you know, I hate this new one. ūüôā Now that I’ve said that, is there a reply button on my comment? The old one didn’t have one. Never mind, I’ll check it myself.

  2. I’ve disabled threaded responses because they’re really confusing when you hit the thread cap. The old theme had replies numbered, so it was easy to say “Re: #3” or whatever, but apparently this theme doesn’t do that. Boo.

    It was an aesthetics thing, basically. The old one’s double column thing on the right side of the screen was interesting, but the second column wasn’t customizable at all, and that was frustrating.

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