Why Antitheism Matters

Let’s be perfectly clear: the existence of religious crimes against humanity like this is exactly why antitheism is necessary. A woman has been tortured and murdered for the “crime” of being raped.

Obviously, trigger warning.

One response to “Why Antitheism Matters

  1. Of course the supreme irony is that guys who raped her go scott-free. This is justice? It could almost be a page from an old SNL skit called “Theodoric of York” with Steve Martin where he is a judge who practices barbaric neandrathalic laws like these, if it weren’t for the innocent and the unprotected really being killed as a result.
    And just for the people who will watch this and may think “oh that’s on the other side of the globe and does not affect me”, just understand that the enslavement of people’s minds by religion in the so-called developed nations is no less insidious or worse.

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