Another Religious Attack on Freedom

I’ve already written at some length about why Catholic hospitals trying to exempt themselves from the laws that apply to all hospitals is completely fucking unacceptable. I have many more vitriolic things to say about this, but I’m a bit too incensed at the moment. (Yes, I’m too angry to rant. Goodie.)

So instead of a long-winded rant, I’d like to just offer this sentiment: Fuck you, Catholic Health Association. Not any kind of mundane single-position borefuck, no, but a delightfully sodomy-filled hatesex romp, preferably with a number of participants (there are surely a number of people who’d like to take out their frustration with this sort of thing on you, after all). I’m talking a “go through an entire economy-sized box of condoms” thing here (but only because you don’t believe in birth control). Once that’s all said and done, and after you’ve had a shower (maybe a nice nap too), see your way right out of the healthcare business. Sell (or donate) your hospitals to organizations that actually give a shit about their employees and clients, and never ever come back. The measure of your worth as a healthcare provider isn’t how good you feel about your hallucinatory relationship with your invisible sky daddy—it’s how well you provide for real human beings. If you want to be a church, be a church. If you want to be a hospital, be a hospital. You cannot possibly do both without completely screwing up at least one of them.

And, just in case it wasn’t clear, fuck you.

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