A Brief Analogy and an Anecdote

This video is an excellent example of why the concept of the Christian god is deeply immoral and how Christianity promotes hypocrisy:

That’s the analogy. Here’s the anecdote:

* * *

Not so long ago, perhaps two years ago, a friend invited a large group of her friends, including me, out to lunch to celebrate her birthday. I had not met most of these people before, so it was an interesting (ah, what a flexible word!) and enlightening time. This friend was not from a Western country, and she had grown up with no real exposure to Christianity. I had the good(?) fortune of sitting next to her host parents, who were deeply religious people. As I chatted with them, they described what a pleasure it had been for them to share the gospel with her, and they were really excited because it seemed like she was almost ready to convert. They expressed concern over their impression that she seemed hesitant to do so out of the fear of social backlash from her family back home. (I am, shall we say, dubious about the veracity of this claim. I do not put much stock in the Christian persecution complex.) I don’t remember the specifics of how we got to the exchange that follows, but here’s the conversation that served to convince me that these were people I had no desire to associate with again in any capacity whatsoever:

Him: “It was a little difficult when she asked about hell.
Me: “Oh?”
Him: “Yeah, she asked us, ‘If they don’t believe, that means all of my friends and family are going to hell forever?'”
Me: “What’d you tell her?”
Him: “Yes.

While it’s entirely possible that I have altered Him‘s words slightly in the first two quotations, but that final yes struck me and burned its way into my mind. I may never be able to forget it. He said it with such a fervor that I could hardly believe it. He replied with absolutely no hesitation and spoke with complete certainty. He was entirely without remorse. He had told her that everyone she knew and loved in her home country would be subjected to infinite suffering, and he didn’t even care. He was happy. He’d had the opportunity to share Jesus’s love, and by God, he was going to do it.

To this day, I remain flabbergasted at the level of dissociation from reality that it takes to make that claim and not even preface it with something like, “Well, it sure would be a shame if that happened. It doesn’t have to, of course. If you tell them what we’ve told you, they can go to heaven too if they just believe.” To be fair, I would have been disappointed by this response too (prosthelytizing is incredibly annoying for a number of reasons), but at least this would’ve contained some degree of humanity!

Any god who would play the role of eternal torturer or even endorse such a punishment is no god worthy of respect, admiration, or mention. Such a god deserves no more or less than to be entirely lost to the sands of time, completely devoid of recognition—forgotten. This god is morality’s polar opposite, and the man who advocates this god bears responsibility for spreading that evil.

One response to “A Brief Analogy and an Anecdote

  1. Yes, not all Christians believe this. There are some who don’t even believe in the concept of hell. It should go without saying that I find these people’s beliefs to be considerably less offensive.

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